• Dravyaguna is a branch which deals with property, action and therapeutic effects of various dravyas (including food and medicine), along with identification, collection, storage and preservation of raw drugs of plant origin.
  • Dravyaguna also compacts with the knowledge of nomenclature, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, pharmaco therapeutics and clinical pharmacology, and also plant and other materials associated with medicine.
  • Our Dravyaguna department prepares student to be a researcher, a resourceful lecturer, an Ayurvedic physician, and a well-versed herbalist to pay their service to the medical science and well-being.

LIBRARY: Has sufficient Ayurveda & pharmacological books.


  • Department has well established laboratory to facilitate the study of pharmacology and therapeutics.
  • Standardization and analysis of ingredients as per modern and Ayurvedic methodology.


  • The department has good collection of dry specimens of various species / drugs.
  • Helps in the study of fundamental principles using herbal raw materials, wet specimens, and animal products using modern techniques


  • Herbal garden is attached to the department having 200 species, spread across wide area.
  • Aids in educating cultivation and plantation of medicinal plants.


  • Department is well equipped with Charts, Models, Herbarium, Compilations, and Photographs related to Dravyaguna.
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