• Rachana sharira is an important fundamental subject of the first year BAMS. It deals with structural study of human body through theoretical explanation and cadaveric dissection.
  • Our ancient Acharya Sushrutha, Charaka and Vagbhata gave importance and explained about Rachana sharira in their respective Samhitas. Among all the Acharyas, Sushrutha elaborately described about human body dissection in his Samhita.
  • The Rachana sharira department is fully fledged with all the requirements. It is well equipped with dissection hall, museum with specimens, departmental library, instruments and cadavers.

Dissection Hall

Dissection hall is spacious, well ventilated with good illumination and cadaver tank to store the cadavers. Dissection classes will be held by subject experts.


  • The museum is spacious with collection of human and animal organ specimens.
  • It also consists of good number of models and charts for better understanding the subject.
  • The department also provides the bone sets and precast bone models for proper understanding of Osteology. The bones are painted in different colors for easy understanding of muscle origin and insertion.


The library maintains an excellent collection of books including Ayurvedic as well as modern Human Anatomy.

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