• The Shalakyatantra is one among the Ashtanga Ayurveda dealing with the diseases situated above the shoulder concerned with Ear, Nose, Throat, Eye, Dental, Head and Neck.
  • In Shalakyatantra, to treat these diseases Shalaka (Probe) is used. So the subject is called as ‘Shalakyatantra”. The person who is treating is called as Shalakis.
  • These being the vital sensory organs, there is a dire need to protect and preserve the health of these organs.
  • The branches of Shalakyatantra includes Nethra-chikitsa (Ophthalmology), Karna-chikitsa (Otology), Nasa-chikitsa (Rhinology), Mukharoga-chikita (Oral hygiene, Dentistry and Laryngology), and Shiroroga-chikitsa (diseases of the cranium). 


  • Evidence based practical confirmation & assessment of theoretical knowledge.
  • Practice of Kriyakalpas like Tarpana, Aaschotana, Anjana, Bidalaka which are specialties of Netraroga treatment and Nasya, Gandusha, Dhoompana, Karnapoorana, Shirodhara which form the basis of Karna, Nasa, Mukha roga.


  • Everyone should get benefited from Ayurvedic approach towards Eye, ENT and Dental disorders.
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