Bala Roga

Ayurveda, the science of life, which has the primary aim as to preserve the health of healthy individual laid down all the preventive principles which are necessary in maintenance of health under the subject Swasthavritta, which is known as Preventive and Social Medicine or Community Medicine in modern medical science. The concept of Swasthavritta is pioneer in the field of medicine propagated by our ancient seers and is basic need for building a healthy society.

Department of Swasthavritta for Undergraduate was individualised in 1963, since then the department is growing and working for uplift of Swasthavritta in the field of Ayurveda.


To be recognized as a global leader in public health and preventive medicine through Principles of Swasthavritta.


The mission of the Department of Swasthavritta is to improve the health of the communities we serve, including rural, underserved, and global populations through education, research, outreach, service, and creative partnerships through Ayurveda.


The Student should be able to

  • provide community based services,
  • provide preventive services to the society in respect to communicable, non-communicable diseases,
  • To know and involve in national health programmes,
  • Understand and practice Yoga & Naturopathy
  • Understand and practice principles of Ayurveda diet system.

Department Human Resources, Infrastructure, Research Domains and any outsourcing or peripheral communications/activities

Department is well established with a class apart Teaching faculty and equipped laboratory for infusing knowledge to students. Post-graduation in Swasthavritta was started in the Year 2015 with 6 Post Graduation intakes per year. Post-graduation course in Swasthavritta helps to train the graduate (BAMS) professionals in public health, which is fundamental to 21st century healthcare. The main intent of public health is to promote a healthier population and minimize the effects of disease, disability, and injury. Swasthavritta has unique concepts and methodologies to address primary health care. With well-designed operational research and after suitable modifications, it is possible to apply the sound principles of Swasthavritta for promoting longevity with improved quality of life at the level of the individual as well as the community.

Department works in domains like personal health, public health, Ayurveda dietetics, Yoga, Nisargopachar & Environmental studies.

Department has come up with Innovative practices like various food adulteration tests, involvement in community activities in nearby villages in collaboration with NSS unit, conducting morning yoga session for the IPD patients as well as for the publics, organizing Food festival for the publics in order to create an awareness about Balanced diet & nutrition, diet advice to the healthy individual & patient in OPD as well as IPD basis.

Department Also engages itself to different visits to Water treatment centre, visit to Food industry, visit to milk pasteurization centre, visit to Nearby PHCs, visit to Leprosy rehabilitation centre, visit HLL Factory plant & visit to Yoga & Naturopathy Centre. With this knowledge the Students are encouraged for practice of Swasthavritta with concepts of Preventive, promotive and Rehabilitative care & able to create awareness of increasing trends health & happiness in day today life.


  • Develop a comprehensive system, research, health information system, human resource development, dissemination of information, and promotion of Swasthavritta
  • Carry out research and developing capability for primary health care through Swasthavritta
  • Develop and strengthen public health care through Ayurveda
  • Build up the necessary skills and competence for the effective management and delivery of primary health care.

Research areas

  • The principles of nutrition and diet, according to individual ‘Prakriti’ (constitution), personal hygiene, physical exercise, mental discipline and the prescribed code of conduct.
  • Sports Nutrition.
  • Food preservation and Food processing techniques, Nutraceuticals.
  • Therapeutic yoga and Naturopathic techniques.
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