• Shalyatantra is one among the Ashtanga Ayurveda.
  • Shalyatantra explains and demonstrates surgical knowledge and procedures that were performed and used since thousands of years and are useful even today.
  • Shalya refers to foreign body, aiming at the removal of factors responsible for producing pain or misery to the body or mind.
  • Sushruta took surgery in medieval India to admirable heights and that era was later regarded ‘The Golden Age of Surgery’ in ancient India.
  • The scope of this department has reached into Orthopedics, Surgery and Para-surgical techniques.
  • The main focus of the department is to make the students aware of the fundamentals of surgical diseases, various disabilities and deformities, traumas, fractures, congenital and acquired illness etc.

Vision & Mission

  • To give knowledge of ancient principles of Shalya Tantra of Ayurveda in regard to surgical and Para-surgical concept of diseases.
  • To focus on the approach of students towards the various modern tools and techniques of investigation and latest ultra-modern information regarding the general surgical procedures.
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